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Our service works very easily. After registration, you get access to the administration interface where you set the basic parameters for your website and affiliate links. Then you simply generate any widgets and copy/paste the code into your content, for example into articles in WordPress system. No programming, no special knowledge, you don't have to learn anything. Everything is designed intuitively so that you can just focus on your writing. Betting odds, sports scores and tables are always displayed up-to-date for you with no hassle.

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How to use it step by step

You don't need any programming knowledge. Everything is designed so that you just click and copy the code into your articles. Be surprised how easy it can be!


Registration is completed in a maximum of 1 minute. You only need to enter basic contact information and after verification you will get access to our system.


Our administration interface is simple and intuitive. You set up the basic details for your website or blog and can test our widgets right away.

Trial version for testing

Every new customer gets a special offer to test our products for 14 days absolutely free! You will get a complete package of products and you can try the full service without restrictions.

Sports & odds widgets

You can embed automatically generated sports content into your articles using our widgets (javascript). This is done simply by copying a short code. Once the widget is inserted into the article, it will show the selected content to every visitor of your website without any restrictions. The information will be updated automatically without you having to do anything.

Affiliate links

Especially for the owners of affiliate websites, for example for online gaming, we have prepared the possibility to insert your own affiliate links into the widget. This way you won't be advertising for anyone else and you will monetize your traffic.

Get better content & reward

By improving your content to be relevant and wanted, you will gain more loyalty from your visitors. You'll also get more click-throughs for your advertising partners. And ultimately, you'll make more money from your media.

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